Labor Support & Montrice Services

Tandem Midwifery is excited to be offering Labor Support and Montrice Services.

Having a doula support you and your birth partner throughout labor has clinically meaningful benefits and no known harm while also increasing the likelihood of a normal vaginal birth. It also decreases the chances of:

  • C-section

  • Use of pitocin

  • Use of pain medications

  • Newborn being admitted to the NICU or having a low Apgar score

  • Chance of being dissatisfied with the birth

If you are a birth junkie like us, check out Cochrane research article on the beneficial effects of doula support.

Doula Labor Support Services includes:

  • 3 Visits (90 minutes each), 2 prenatal and 1 postpartum. During the visits in our centrally located office, we can cover birth vision planning, labor coping skills, mindful birth techniques, newborn care, breastfeeding prep and postpartum planning.

  • Unlimited labor support starting at 38 weeks and consisting of phone support for early labor, experienced and personalized labor support during active labor.

  • Labor support and advocacy in the birth setting of your choice.

  • 24 hour phone/email support during your last trimester

  • Basic photography with your camera

  • Written birth timeline if requested

  • Personalized health care referrals

  • Back-up birth doula for those “just in case” moments

  • Price $1400

Monitrice Services:

Because we are certified professional midwives, we are able to monitor mom’s and baby’s well-being at home before going to the hospital or birth center or prior to the arrival of the client’s midwife in home birth setting. This option offers the birthing couple the peace of mind of labor support by a competent, experienced midwife which can be very beneficial for VBACs, first-time mamas and those who have had previous trauma in their birth experiences. This additional service includes the above plus:

  • Periodic monitoring of fetal heart-tones

  • Monitoring of maternal vital signs

  • Cervical assessments as needed

  • $1700

A monitrice is NOT:

  • A primary care provider

  • Replacement for the care provided by your partner, family or friends. But instead we complement that care by offering support and coaching.