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Tandem Midwifery offers one-hour initial consultations that will let you meet the midwives. We encourage you to bring your questions. Consultations are a great time to meet each other and see if we are all a good fit for midwifery care. We look forward to you contacting us to schedule a consultation today.

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Prenatal care focuses on developing relationships. Each routine prenatal visit lasts one-hour. Your first visit will include a complete medical history, blood work, and exercise & nutritional counseling. Your second visit includes a complete physical exam and review of blood work. Each routine prenatal visit includes fetal monitoring, maternal vital signs, nutrition and exercise counseling and social and emotional support and plenty of time for client questions and concerns. Prenatal visits will occur each month until 7 months, every two weeks in the 8th month, and weekly in the 9th month, including a home visit at 36 weeks. Referrals for ultrasounds, genetic testing and other integrative healthcare practitioners can be made as needed. A midwife is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for urgent concerns.


Labor and Birth

We are available for you around the clock for consultation during early labor and plan to arrive at your home when you are in active labor. Your midwives are specialists in normal labor and birth and utilize that knowledge to offer comfort measures such as aquatherapy, massage, guided relaxation, herbs and homeopathy. While providing natural comfort measures, we also keep track of your vital signs and monitor baby’s heart rate. If necessary, we facilitate transport to the hospital and remain with you as labor support. Just as we do through the prenatal period, we support you the way YOU need to be supported by following your cues and wishes; truly self-led care.

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Postpartum Care

Following the birth of baby, we continue caring for you and your baby till six weeks postpartum. We return to your home at 36 hours and days 4-5 and you return to our office at 2 weeks and 6 week checkups. We assess your health and do a complete physical exam on baby, as well as monitor weight gain, jaundice check, perform metabolic screens of the newborn and assist you with breastfeeding, helping you transition into parenthood. We also refer to other healthcare practitioners as needed.

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Preconception Counseling

If you are thinking about trying to conceive and would like to discuss preconception, nutrition, exercise, healthy lifestyles and get to know us beforehand, we hope you will consider a preconception counseling appointment.